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We are an accounting and consulting firm with almost 20 years in the industry, who focus on the outsourcing of accounting, payroll, opening and regularization of entities and companies of any industry, including international ones, and vising on taxes for natural persons and foreigners.

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Contribute with our services to the development of local and global businesses.

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Be a company recognized in the industry for its quality, credibility, and constant improvement of services, information and business

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Business ethics, social responsibility, and respect to the stakeholders.


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Nilton de Araujo Faria

Master Consultores founder and partner. Accountant, businessman, speaker, member of class entities in his industry, financial vice-president of Aescon-SP (2016-2018 term), and responsible for the technical and relationship areas for Master Consultores.

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Maria do Livramento S. da Silva Faria

Master Consultores partner, accountant, businesswoman. Responsible for management and client’s payroll areas.

Our services

  • Accounting
  • Tax
  • Pay roll
  • Finance BPO
  • Accounting Reconciliation
  • Accounting and taxes on
  • systems Protheus/ TOTVS
  • client’s systems by remote control

Our Advisory

  • Opening and regularizations
  • Guide Tax
  • Central Bank and Personal Tax
  • Opening and accounting consulting in the USA for Brazilians
  • Environmental acounting

Attended Public

  • Small and medium international companies
  • Micro, small and medium service providers
  • Firms consortium
  • Patrimonial Family holding or corporate
  • Associations
  • New Economy:
  • Start-ups
  • Sharehold goods Companies
  • Individual person and Expatriates


  • To provide work quality and speed, data security for “our customers” and procedures validation.
  • We run our operation through a DELL server with Windows server operating system,.
  • We can carry out the accounting and tax operations in the clients’ own database, using its software “ERP” both remote and locally.
  • Has since 2003 civil liability insurance policy regarding the activities included in a service contract.


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